Lead Logistics Provider

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Lead Logistics services are the new dimension of logistics. Raben Group assumes the role of the integrator of all logistics operations in the whole Customer's supply chain, from the transport of raw materials to the final distribution to end users. In this way the Group becomes a partner which combines the capabilities, the know-how, own resources and those of other organisations, to create a comprehensive delivery network for the Customer.

Raben Group cooperates with individual participants of the supply chain and designs comprehensive logistics solutions based on modern IT technologies.

How does it look in practice?

  • we design the comprehensive supply chain, define the relations between its individual participants, and create the method of conducting transactions within the whole process
  • we build an experienced team dedicated to the management of the logistics process at its individual stages consisting of persons engaged in continuous work on the optimisation of processes 
  • we support all the operations by providing and integrating the necessary IT infrastructure, we offer solutions for monitoring consignments, as well as for efficient communication and the flow of information  
  • we offer our own network of transport connections and warehousing capacities
  • all of the above are supplemented with services such as co-packing and co-manufacturing

Advantages of choosing Raben Group as your Lead Logistics Provider:

  • professional management of operations in the comprehensive supply chain which allows for improving the efficiency at all stages, as well as for cost optimisation
  • possibility  of shortening the time of deliveries through comprehensive management of all the Customer's logistics processes 
  • fast and transparent flow of information allowing for immediate response to the changing market conditions and critical situations 
  • optimisation of resources required for conducting all the operations in the supply chain and minimising the impact on the environment