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15 European countries, 90 years of experience, around 1,300,000 m2 of warehousing space, over 160 locations - a truly impressive history and scale of operations. Still, Raben Group is not about numbers, but about people: an international team of over 10,000 employees, full of energy and passions for logistics, driven by similar ambitions and believing in the same values. We provide contract logistics services, domestic and international distribution, fresh products logistics, sea and air forwarding and intermodal transport for customers operating in various branches.

Everyday, we join them on the road, and by road we not only mean delivering the goods from point A to point B, but rather reaching long-term goals, building partnerships and positive relations. All this translates into a unique value that we share with our customers by designing and providing comprehensive and customised logistics solutions.

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Семейна компания

Family company

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  • Семейна компания

    Family company

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Ewald Raben

We aim to be a trendsetter in our sector by providing added value through sustainable solutions.

Ewald Raben, CEO of Raben Group

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