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Road transport

 An extensive branch network

Own network of distribution centers

Security of entrusted shipments and a modern fleet

Security of entrusted shipments

Modern technologies

Modern technologies

Trusted network of international partners

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  •  An extensive branch network

    Own network of distribution centers

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We are here for you for road transport services

Raben Ukraine offers prompt road transport of goods as part of groupage line and FTL. We provide a wide range of transport services tailored to the needs of the client, starting from one pallet. Our specialists will suggest the type of cargo transportation depending on your request. At the same time you will get cost optimization and full range of services.

You can trust your goods for domestic and international transport. Take advantage of comprehensive road transport services with Raben Ukraine.

Looking for reliable partner? We are here for you!


International transport with Raben Ukraine is:

  • Handling shipments starting with small boxes up to 20 tones;
  • Daily connections to all European countries;
  • Cooperation with local leaders in forwarding;
  • Shipment tracking at every stage of the transport service;
  • Modern transport fleet;
  • Handling dangerous (ADR) goods;
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication;
  • Processing via Raben Customs Agencies.

Domestic distribution with Raben Ukraine is:

  • Delivery of cargo within 24-72 hours;
  • Coverage - whole Ukraine; 
  • Well-established and stable delivery schedule for individual destinations;
  •  Individual offers, joint development of projects given your business needs;
  • Skilled transport support to major retailers (for example, ATB, OMEGA/VARUS, METRO, Auchan, SILPO (FOZZI), EPICENTER, NEW LINE, OLDI, STYLE D, RUSH, BAD) and retail chains;
  • Complex service of orders at shopping malls;
  • Qualified support of shipments with maintenance of temperature regime.

Road transport

Road transport in Ukraine and Europe with Raben Ukraine is a reliable and fast way to deliver your cargo. We will make the shipping process as comfortable as possible for the sender and the recipient at each stage of cooperation.

Efficient road transport withing Europe and by territory of Ukraine from  Raben Ukraine - the guarantee of stable logistics and development of your business.

We will transport your goods, we serve the following groups of goods:

  • food products (as well as those who requires certain temperatures during transportation);

  • household appliances;

  • electronics;

  • household chemicals;

  • auto parts and more.


The cost for transport depends on:

  • The format of delivery groupage or individual order;
  • The urgency of transportation;
  • The route, the number of locations to be visited;
  • The characteristics of the vehicle (fuel consumption, tonnage);
  • Specifics of the cargo (value, dimensions, physical/chemical properties);
  •  Delay time for loading and unloading;
  • Availability of additional services.

Road transport within Ukraine: