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Raben Group has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2003. At the moment, Raben Ukraine employs about 500 people in 24 depots with the main distribution center located near Brovary city. Thanks to a well-developed transport management system, a large network of locations and a modern warehouse, we provide services of the highest quality and are proud of it. But most importantly, we stand out with our focused and individual approach to each client, the courtesy of our employees, their professional level, understanding of customer needs and involvement in each project.

We are always next to our customers and we are similar to them. We know and understand their expectations, requirements and goals they want to achieve because we are professionals in logistics who know the specifics of different industries. We offer efficiency, reliability and professional advice  all with a human touch.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

By cooperating with Raben Ukraine, you will receive:

  • Developed warehouse infrastructure (x-dock) - 24 specialized branches;
  • Implementation of distribution centers in branches specifically for the client (temporary storage, parcel picking);
  • Balanced tariffs due to the developed infrastructure;
  • Delivery of goods within 24-48 hours;
  • Reduced time for processing and delivery of orders through the distribution center (x-dock) to the final consignee;
  • Daily connections with most European countries;
  • Qualified support of transportation to large shopping centers (e.g. ATB, METRO, NOVUS, Auchan, Silpo) and retail chains;
  • Comprehensive service of orders at shopping malls;
  • Cooperation with the leaders of the domestic forwarding market;
  • Delivery control at every stage of transportation;
  • Service consolidation projects;
  • Customs services.

And even more benefits! Find out more from the Raben Ukraine team.


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