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Raben Group values

We've been following the same path for years.

Courageously setting goals, intelligently charting a course. Every day brings new challenges, solutions, and creativity to a changing reality. At Raben Group, we focus on CHALLENGES. Those we have to face, and those we have ambitiously set for ourselves. We value PARTNERSHIP, which we regard as an active and dedicated attitude to professional responsibilities. We believe in PARTNERSHIP based on diversity, cooperation and trust.


CHALLENGES – this is what drives us

To be the market leader in logistics services and to set new trends within the industry – this is our drive and motivation to act. We continuously develop and with passion achieve our goals. We boldly introduce changes and embrace new challenges.

We never rest on our laurels. Our company’s trademark is the excellent quality of the services we offer to our clients.

What drives us:

  • Continuous development and willingness to reach for more

  • Determination to achieve our goals

  • Courage to face challenges

  • Continuous improvement; “Better every day”

What makes us different:

  1. We set ambitious goals and we stop at nothing to achieve them
  2. We are already looking today for solutions that will enable us and our clients to achieve success tomorrow
  3. We are open to change and we effectively adapt to anything they bring
  4. We boldly face challenges - we do not give up when it gets hard
  5. We always care about the highest quality of what we do
  6. We are continuously eager to learn and develop
  7. We are very pleased with our achievements and celebrate them together

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – this is how we work

In our Group, everyone is an entrepreneur because each one of us has an impact on the company results and the satisfaction of our customers. We approach each task with commitment and responsibility. We make decisions effectively and proceed to take action. We care about efficiency and search for ways to improve our processes.


  • Responsibility for the results and quality of entrusted tasks

  • Commitment and initiative

  • Effective and efficient performance

  • Pragmatic approach

What makes us different:

  1. If we can do something more effectively - we do it
  2. Through criticism, we propose what can be changed
  3. Instead of looking for problems and excuses, we make decisions effectively and proceed to take action
  4. We make sure that we do not waste time, resources, and costs
  5. We are efficient in acting and solving problems
  6. We do not give up until we have completed our work

PARTNERSHIP – this is how we cooperate

We believe that our ambitious goals can only be achieved through partnership and mutual support. As a team we can always count on one another. We do not remain indifferent to the problems and challenges of others. Cooperating, we draw from the diversity of our opinions, experiences and competences. The relationships we build with one another and with our clients are based on trust and open communication. We always treat everyone with respect.

For us PARTNERSHIP means:

  • Mutual support and cooperation in achieving goals

  • Open communication

  • Drawing from diversity

  • Mutual respect and keeping commitments

What makes us different:

  1. We help, inspire and advise
  2. We make ourselves available to each other because we know that it is difficult to deal with everything on your own. We share ideas, advice and experiences in order to find better solutions faster
  3. For us, Team means all of the Group’s employees - regardless of location, position or role
  4. Together we come to an agreement and fulfil our commitments
  5. We talk honestly and directly, providing arguments
  6. We are credible and consistent in what we say and how we act
  7. We always treat everyone with respect

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