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    Fully owned network of terminals

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No business and no end customer can do without road transport. Thanks to road transport businesses can operate without interruptions, shops can regularly replenish their stock and consumers can enjoy their favourite products.


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  • Delivery of cargo with support of temperature +5 +20 °C;

  • Developed warehouse infrastructure (x-dock) – 24 specialized branches;

  • Implementation of distribution centers in offices specifically for the customer (temporary storage, picking and shipment);

  • Balanced tariffs thanks to the developed infrastructure;

  • Shortening of processing and delivery terms of orders through the distribution centers (x-dock) to the final consignee;

  • Own transport and over 600 vehicles of proven contractors;

  • Delivery of goods within 24-48 hours;

  •  Fixed and stable delivery schedule in individual directions;

  • Online order registration (MyOrder) and Shipping Monitoring (MyRaben);

  • Individual proposals, joint development of projects taking into account the client's business needs;

  • Qualified support of transportation to large retail chains (for example, ATB, METRO, NOVUS, Auchan, SILPO) and retail chains;

  • Complex servicing of orders for Shopping malls;

  • Box layout, FTL shipments and other related services.


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07442 Київ|Kyiv
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79024 Львів | Lviv
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65000 Одеса|Odesa
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33016 Рівне| Rivne
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