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Contract logistics


Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

Comprehensive process management

90 years of experience in the European market

Modern infrastructure

Modern infrastructure

Wide range of additional services

A broad range of supplementary services

  • Innovative solutions

    Innovative solutions

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Raben Ukraine warehouse

Contract logistics from Raben - always reliable and taking care of your goods

Contract logistics is an important component of general logistics, which deals with receipt of goods, their storage, preparation for release, shipment.

Raben Ukraine provides full range of warehousing services for large, medium and small business. Our class "A" and "B" warehouses are located throughout Ukraine, which gives you a choice of optimal solutions.

We offer a full range of warehousing logistics services, as well as additional services and e-commerce.

Our long-term experience in contract logistics in various industries, modern warehousing spaces and professional logistics operations at your service.

With our flexible and innovative processes we provide effective support for your business.

The efficient and well-organized use of warehouse space is a must.

Contract logistics is all operations performed on the storage space and constitutes a comprehensive service for the customer. We are responsible for the reliable storage of your goods and will offer storage solutions just for you.

Because we have:

  • a dedicated team of specialists;
  • innovative solutions;
  • a modern and specialized warehousing infrastructure;
  • supply chain management and service to key players in a variety of industries.

With Raben Ukraine you will get a full range of advantages:

  • increased efficiency of interaction of production and logistics processes;
  • international quality standards;
  • organization of warehouse accounting;
  • process of acceptance of goods is organized by quantity and quality;
  • control of products entering the warehouse;
  • individual comprehensive logistics solutions;
  • integrated logistics processes;
  • professional project management;
  • professional warehousing equipment;
  • a wide list of additional services.

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