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Chemical industry


Modern infrastructure

Modern storage space

Own groupage network

Dedicate transport network and terminals

Modern IT systems

Modern IT systems

Dedicated team for ADR transport

Dedicated experts for your products

Controlled temperature throughout the entire supply chain from 2 to 6 and 0 to 2

Transport in controlled temperature

  • Modern infrastructure

    Modern storage space

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Care of flowers

Chemical products require special attention and caution, which is why we approach the co-creation of sustainable and safe supply chains for your business with great care and responsibility. Being both logistics experts and consumers, we fully understand your needs and safety requirements that must be satisfied for such special products.

We offer a range of specialized solutions and, in particular:

  • a dedicated team of specialists,
  • professionally trained drivers and specialized vehicles,
  • assistance in collecting data for annual ADR transport reports.
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Hazardous goods in warehouses

A big part of chemical products are classified as hazardous goods. We have extensive experience in handling such goods. For many years we have been running upper-tier facilities and have been preparing our warehouses for specific requirements related to chemical goods, satisfying FM Global and NFPA standards, among else by means of special chambers for selected goods and adequately designed sprinkler systems installed under the ceiling and between racks and shelves. We know what goods can be stored next to each other to avoid potential environmental hazards.

For the storage of flammable liquids, we employ modern foam fire suppression systems. The chambers are immediately filled with foam as soon as flames are detected.

Transportation of hazardous goods

A part of the transport process is the preparation of documentation according to specific ADR requirements. We also use a specialized fleet. We pay special attention to the placement of cargo on trailers and secure the pallets for extra stability.

Trees planting

Sustainable solutions for the industry

Currently, many organisations are working towards sustainable production. As a logistics operator we support your environmentally conscious efforts.  We regularly measure CO2 and systematically replace older trucks with new ones that satisfy the latest greenhouse gases emission requirements and we have applied numerous pro-ecology solutions to further save natural resources. Finally, we neutralise our environmental impact by organising tree planting events. To learn more, read about CSR efforts at www.csr.raben-group.com.