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A sustainable way forward

Sustainability with Raben

The 90th anniversary of our company coincided with the process of reviewing and redefining our sustainability strategy.

Thinking about the future of Raben Group and the potential to contribute to the goals of sustainable development, which we all ultimately share, we have therefore undertaken to organise our activities and redefine the key pillars of our commitment for the coming years.

As a consequence of this, in 2021 we adopted the updated our Sustainability Strategy for the Raben Group pertaining to 2021-2025.

The work on the Strategy involved the top level management of Raben. As a forward thinking company we take a longterm perspective and we focus on sustainability.

That is why mitigation of the negative impact on the environment, internal relations, responsible procurement and continued cooperation with all our key stakeholders is quintessentially important to us just as our financial results or our expansion into new markets.

We want every kilometre of distance covered by our trucks to bring us closer to a better and cleaner future.

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Our Strategy is based on 3 pillars and 9 strategic areas within which we have set strategic goals and indicators to comprehensively address the global challenges defined by the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals

  • Our goal is to engage in sustainable solutions, be a trendsetter and leader in the transportation and logistics industry.
  • We want each of our brands to be recognized by employees, customers and local communities as a socially engaged brand
  • We want to act in an environmentally friendly way in all areas of our business
EcoVadis award

We are extremely proud because we have received a silver award in the EcoVadis 2022 rating!

Thus, we are among the 25% of companies in the world that best integrate non-financial (ESG) factors in their strategies and operations. We are glad that we have improved the assessment in every dimension - environment, workplace and human rights, ethics and responsible supply chain.

EcoVadis is one of the world's most trusted corporate sustainability ratings for companies.

Sustainability Report

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