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Road Network

 An extensive branch network

Fully owned network of terminals

Security of entrusted shipments and a modern fleet

Security of the entrusted shipments

Modern technologies

Modern technologies

100 own terminal network

ETA and online tracking access at all stages

  •  An extensive branch network

    Fully owned network of terminals

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Road transport

is the most popular form of transportation, which occupies a significant place in goods transportation. This flexible and fast type of cargo delivery will ensure a smooth process of your business. And we will help you in this!

With us you get the following advantages:

Domestic transport:

  • well-developed transport network;
  • balanced tariffs due to well-developed infrastructure;
  • delivery of goods within 24-48 hours;
  • experienced and reliable drivers;
  • order registration (MyOrder) and shipment monitoring (MyRaben).

International distribution:

  • daily connections with most European countries;
  • cooperation with local leaders in forwarding
  • modern transport fleet;
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication;
  • processing via Raben Customs Agencies.

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Know your ETA:

Our customers are given access to the myRaben platform which makes placing transport orders and tracking shipments easy and convenient. Customers are also provided with real ETA for their shipments. 

Learn more and enjoy using myRaben.

Map of Europe with the 6 Eurohub Raben depots

RABEN EuroHubs

Speed, effective and more capable road network in Europe!

New structure of 6 Eurohubs at key points in Europe, provides faster and more regular connections for the international flow of goods. Thanks to these gateways, even in such uncertain times, we can secure the business of our customers by offering them competitive, tailor-made solutions.