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EuroHub System

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Map of Europe Raben Eurohub depots

Speed, effective and more capable road network in Europe.

New structure of 6 Eurohubs at key points in Europe, provides faster and more regular connections for the international flow of goods. Thanks to these gateways, even in such uncertain times, we can secure the business of our customers by offering them competitive, tailor-made solutions.


  • CUSTOMER SERVICE with human face
  • intuitive and easy to use ORDERING and QUICK QUOTATION (24/7) 
  • Secured and stable SERVICE EXCELLENCE 
  • Smarter & faster LEADTIMES

  • ETA „fair way” – TRANSPARENCY (full control over delivery time)

  • LOWER CO2 EMISSION |  eco2way effect


  • Less handling / reloads

  • Improved leadtime – shorter transit from individual countries:

    No stops at outdoor car parks
    Shorter distance for shipments to reach the final recipient
    Consolidation of goods – better filling on cars

  • One TMS, one management, common procedures within Raben Group
  • Possibility of dedicated customer solutions based on the EuroHub System (flexibility of daily volumes - from a 1 pallet to 33)

  • Opportunity of transporting ADR shipments as standard 


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Now it’s the time to connect those networks by development of the strategically located Raben EuroHubs!


    connections to: DE from Eastern Europe
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