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  • Own groupage network

    Fully owned groupage network

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Learn more about our offer in temperature regime (+ 2 + 6°С):

  • Developed warehouse infrastructure (x-dock) with support of temperature conditions – 8 specialized departments;
  • Implementation of distribution centers in the offices specifically for the customer (temporary storage, picking shipments);

  • Balance of tariffs due to developed infrastructure;

  • Shortening of processing and delivery terms of orders through the distribution center (x-dock) to the final consignee;

  • Specialized own transport and over 200 vehicles of proven contractors;

  • Daily shipments to the regions from 1 carton to full carriages;

  • Delivery of goods within 24-48 hours;

  • Fixed and stable delivery schedule in individual directions;

  • Online order registration (MyOrder) and Shipping Monitoring (MyRaben);

  • Individual proposals, joint development of projects taking into account the client's business needs;

  • Qualified support of transportation to large retail chains (for example, ATB, METRO, NOVUS, Auchan, SILPO) and retail chains;

  • Temperature control on the way;

  • Delivery for HoReCa.

Raben truck on the way to customers.

Temperature-controlled food transportation

An important component of the logistics system from the manufacturer to the end consumer, it is necessary to ensure the appropriate temperature regime, taking into account all the features of the consumer goods, their properties, the possibility of spoilage due to improper temperature conditions or long delivery time. It is very difficult process, which requires responsible work and accurate planning of all participants of "cold chain of deliveries".

Raben Ukraine connects producers of fresh products with end customers. We are an important link in the supply chain and help our clients create solutions that optimize and improve their logistics processes.

At your disposal:

  •     outsource logistics of fresh products from shipper to receiver;
  •     transport from one pallet of refrigerated products;
  •     deliveries to distribution centers, coordination of delivery times;
  •     stable and well-organized processes.
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Refrigerated food transport

Transport of products by refrigerated trucks is crucial along the entire logistics chain. Thanks to online temperature monitoring system on the trailers, our dispatchers continuously monitor the temperature in a given vehicle in real time. In case of possible delays, they are notified and can respond quickly to a potential problem. To meet customer expectations, we have equipped some of the vehicles designed for domestic refrigerated transport with specialized bulkhead semi-trailers to transport fresh products requiring different temperature regimes. This solution is essential for producers of dairy products requiring different temperature regimes.

We can respond quickly and efficiently to ensure that the products we transport are always fresh and delivered on time.

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