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Retail sector


Modern infrastructure

Modern storage space

Own groupage network

Specialized transport network

Modern IT systems

Modern IT systems


Management of customer returns

Flexibility with variable volumes

Flexible approach to volume variations

  • Modern infrastructure

    Modern storage space

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Shopping mall

Development of retail chains has set new goals for logistics and we, as consumers on the one hand, and as representatives of a logistics company, as no one understands what the market wants.

Our offer for retails clients covers:

  • providing complex solutions – logistics "under one roof";
  • developed network of cross-docks throughout Ukraine, with the ability to consolidate, process and transport goods in the regions (Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa) and delivery to shopping malls;
  • individual vehicles to certain shopping malls, taking into account the time frame of delivery and receipt of goods, compliance with special requirements, registration rules, type of truck, document preparation;
  • services for the return of pallets and documents;
  • ability to store goods in different temperature conditions;
  • solutions for cargo handling in a short time (Voice picking, scanners, warehouse and transport 24/7).
Raben truck

Everything for the shops

We offer customized solutions for transport and warehousing.

Our services include returns from the supplier and transport between their shops. We pick up cardboard and plastic film from the stores and we can take over full management of return packaging. Our clients can always count on the punctuality, professional approach and impeccable manners of our drivers.

Additionally, we have set up special co-packing zones in our warehouse for picking assorted goods according to the client’s requirements.



Raben ecology transport


  • ensuring the safety and security of video control (24/7);
  • warehouse inventory, including end-of-life monitoring of products that are stored;
  • possibility to provide all necessary reports on goods circulation at the warehouse, on a daily basis in electronic format (pcs., articles, boxes, pallets);
  • liability insurance.

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