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International distribution


Direct daily transport connections

550 direct international connections weekly

Comprehensive process management

3100 bulk lines monthly

Consolidation and deconsolidation of goods

70 000 shipments monthly

  • Direct daily transport connections

    550 direct international connections weekly

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We understand the challenges you are facing:

  • PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: The need to move production closer to end customers. Challenges of maintaining the continuity and punctuality of deliveries, related to the availability of cargo space and the lack of drivers.
  • ECOLOGY: Your willingness to invest in sustainable development and creating products that are more eco-friendly. The same applies to supply chain solutions.
  • DIGITIZATION: Insufficient digitization of the supply chain, the flow of paper documents making it harder to optimize processes, lack of factual information about transport processes, resulting in the perceived lack of reliable, real-time information. 

And we have the solutions ready!

  • PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: We will make sure that your products arrive quickly and in time to the destination thanks to networked international transport solutions:

    600+ direct international connections weekly
    3,100 bulk lines monthly
    234 000+ shipments monthly

  • ECOLOGY: Regular connections translate into quicker logistics, reduction of empty miles thanks to a well-developed transport network, reduced carbon footprint. We carry a full range of ecological solutions which will also make your business more eco-friendly.
  • DIGITIZATION: We have warehousing and transport systems in place for the entire Group and thanks to them we have full control over warehouse processes and can optimize our transport operations. As well the possible to communicate with customers and partners using EDI.


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Map of Raben deposits in Europe

Weekly international connections

Find out what you can gain from regular routes

  • reliable goods pick-up and stable deliveries across Europe;
  • comprehensive and flexible road transport solutions;
  • a single shipment number for the entire route;
  • standardized transport processes.

We are your reliable partner for international transport:

We offer:

  • Handling shipments starting with small boxes up to 20 tones;
  • Daily connections to all European countries;
  • Short lead times;
  • Cooperation with local leaders in forwarding;
  • Shipment tracking at every stage of the transport service;
  • Consolidated shipment projects;
  • Modern transport fleet;
  • Handling dangerous (ADR) goods;
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication;
  • Processing via Raben Customs Agencies.

With us, your transport is more ECO

  • We focus on reducing CO2 emissions and measure carbon footprint at every stage of transport. We calculate CO2 per received shipment.
  • Thanks to regular routes, our trucks always travel full, with optimized cargo space utilization.
  • We replace old trucks with new ones that satisfy GHG emission requirements.
  • Our drivers undergo training on how to drive more economically - and in turn more ecologically.


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