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Cargo transport through Europe

We specialize in providing reliable and efficient freight transportation services in the European Union and outside of it. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we ensure high quality service and customer satisfaction.

Our company offers a full range of services, including international transportation of goods of any type and size. Whether you need to transport containers, trucks or special equipment, we have all the necessary resources and competence to ensure the safe and fast delivery of your cargo to any part of Europe.

Comprehensive transport services through Europe: 

  • Handling shipments starting with small boxes up to 20 tones;
  • Control of delivery at every stage of the shipment;
  • Service consolidation projects;
  • Modern fleet;
  • Dangerous goods ADR service;
  • Communication with customers and partners via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange);
  • Customs services.

Cargo transportation in Europe with Raben Ukraine:

  • Wide range of transport network: an extensive infrastructure and a well-developed network, which allows us to transport goods to any corner of the continent, providing flexibility and speed of delivery;
  • Efficiency and reliability: we have extensive experience in international transport, with quality vehicles and sophisticated logistics systems to ensure efficient and reliable delivery;
  • Tracking and tracing systems: We use the latest technologies to track and trace shipments, ensuring our customers receive regular updates on the whereabouts of their shipments and their delivery status;
  • Europe is well connected to other parts of the world. This creates opportunities for intercontinental shipments and business expansion.

Groupage transport within Europe

We specialize in international groupage transportation and ready to provide you with professional services in this area. International groupage transportation means combining small loads from different senders into one vehicle to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery.

A key benefit of international consolidation shipping is the ability to share cargo and reduce shipping costs. We provide cargo consolidation, which is the consolidation of multiple shipments in a single container or vehicle. This makes efficient use of space and reduces shipping costs.


FTL transport within Europe

We provide professional international full-truckload transport within Europe. Full loads means that the entire space of the vehicle is used for the transport of your cargo. This is ideal if you have a sufficiently large volume of cargo or need direct delivery to your destination.

We offer you a choice of road freight, sea freight or air freight, depending on your needs and requirements.

We provide cargo insurance to protect your goods during transit. We also carry out all necessary customs procedures and documentation for international shipments within Europe. Our team is familiar with international regulations and regulatory requirements to ensure your cargo is cleared quickly.

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