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  • Modern infrastructure

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Non-food FMCG products have long become a daily part of our lives. For us, consumers, it is hard to imagine living without them. Our job in logistics is to create sustainable supply chains for this industry. We know these products well - how to store and distribute them, so that they reach consumers safely and in time.

With that in mind, we offer to our clients.

Resource optimization:

  • own warehouse and transport infrastructure;
  • specialized handling equipment and special solutions for storage of household chemicals and cosmetics at our warehouses;
  • delivery of groupage shipments in different temperature regimes with international and domestic transport;
  • transportation by certain transport (refrigerator, isotherm) and observance of requirements to cargo packing at the stage of delivery;
  • preparation of sets and packaging according to individual requirements, including packaging of goods with non-standard parameters.
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Many years of experience and understanding of specifics:

  • consideration of seasonality and readiness for peak loads;
  • storage and transportation of goods in compliance with the norms, commodity neighborhood;
  • work experience with key players from the FMCG NON FOOD sector.


  • ensuring the safety and security of video control (24/7);
  • possibility to store goods in specialized zones depending on the type of goods (dangerous goods, aerosols, chemicals, etc.);
  • possibility to provide all necessary reports on goods circulation at the warehouse, on a daily basis in electronic format (pcs., articles, boxes, pallets);
  • electronic document flow as a possibility of operative and qualitative control over provision of logistic services;
  • liability insurance.

With us, your products are safe!

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