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First truck with batteries was shipped from Ukraine to GreenWEEE for recycling

On March 11, 2020, Raben Ukraine together with partners sent the first truck with 20 tons of batteries for recycling to the GreenWEEE processing plant that is located in Romania as part of the “Batteries, Hand in!” project.

Before none of the collected batteries has been recycled as there is no recycling plant in Ukraine.

Conscious companies such as Raben Ukraine joined the “Batteries, Hand in!” project. The agreement between the project and with the Romanian plant GreenWEEE was signed in 2019.

“Raben Ukraine’s team is aware of the responsibility for future generations and strives to minimize harmful effects on the environment. The company’s corporate social responsibility keynote is the words of the great Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. That is why we not only take measures to neutralize the negative impact of transportation on the environment, but also invest in such projects as “Batteries, Hand in!”.

We are pleased that now the responsible companies have the opportunity to collect batteries with guaranteed recycling and thus to contribute to systemic reform in the field of toxic waste in Ukraine. Only joint efforts of business, state authorities and non-governmental organizations will help to find a solution”, — comments Inna Ocheretna, CEO of Raben Ukraine.

According to statistics, over 99% of batteries in Ukraine are currently being thrown away: into the ground, into the forest, into the river, in all the cases polluting the nature.

20 tons are only 0.05% of all batteries that are thrown away on an annual basis in Ukraine. According to calculations of “Batteries, Hand in!” project representatives, the recycling of the cargo shipped to Romania this time will allow to achieve the first result — preserve 1600 hectares of land (about 2000 football fields) from the irreversible pollution.

“This is the first time in history that batteries from Ukraine will be recycled. We thank the companies-partners who helped make it happen. As of today, there are more than 100 companies that have installed boxes with guaranteed recycling from our organization in their offices. Together, we did what seemed impossible. And much more is still ahead!” — comments Lyubov Kolosovska, the head of the project “Batteries, Hand in!”.

“Batteries, Hand in!project was launched in summer 2013 on the initiative of 3 eco-activists. The areas of activity are as follows: collection of batteries, organization of guaranteed recycling, informational work, state reform (creation and implementation of a new law on batteries which will make the model of financing recycling of batteries obligatory for all importers of batteries).