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Raben Ukraine joins the initiative “Pact for Youth in Ukraine – 2020”

The Pact was signed on November 5, 2019 at the premises of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Pact for Youth 2020 aims to unite the efforts of the state and business for the employment of young people. By joining the Pact, Raben Ukraine commits itself to the Pact’s common commitments and becomes part of a nationwide community of the companies aimed at youth development and employment.

“I am pleased that Raben Ukraine has also embarked on such a grand and hugely important project as the Ukrainian Pact for Youth, which brings together the initiatives of many participants. Our country has a strong potential, part of which is talented youth, so it looks quite optimistic that the state and business unite to create conditions that would contribute to the comprehensive development and slowdown of the outflow of prospective young people abroad. I am convinced that such an association of like-minded people can achieve significant results”, — comments Julia Grabova, HR manager of Raben Ukraine.

Raben Ukraine in every way promotes employment of young people, supports the corresponding initiatieves carried out both by the state and business. It is a commonplace to arrange internships and site-visits for students. The company is also actively involved in open days and job fairs. “The Week of Entrepreneurship” has become a traditional event held on an annual basis. This is the week when students of technical colleges or the first year students from universities are acquainted with the technological processes in company’s units and attend workshops held by managers.

“Young people are important to many companies as they are the employees who bring creativity and innovations to work. We need to do our best to make them stay in Ukraine. One of the instruments is the Ukrainian Pact for Youth 2020 initiated and implemented by the CSR Center with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the United Nations Population Fund. The Pact is a continuation of the European Initiative”,   explains Maryna Saprykina, Head of the Board at CSR Centre.

The Pact has already brought together 141 companies that will work on youth career development. Employers jointly created 35,083 jobs, 614 programs in collaboration with the education sector and provided mentoring to 2,246 young people.

Under the Pact, employers have committed themselves to strive to create a minimum of 700 business-education partnerships by 2020, provide 50,000 internships and first jobs for young people as well as create the conditions for mentoring support for 1,000 young people.