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Transport Lviv

strong road networks for bulk goods

Modern fleet of vehicles

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Constant temperature control systems in trailers

  • strong road networks for bulk goods

    Modern fleet of vehicles

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Road transport from Lviv and Lviv region through Ukraine.

At your disposal road transport from Lviv and Lviv region through Ukraine from Raben Ukraine. A full range of road transport services, competitive rates and delivery in the short term.

Carry your cargo in Lviv and beyond with us.

With us you will get:

  • Delivery of cargo within 24-72 hours;
  •  Well-established and stable delivery schedule for individual destinations;
  •  Individual offers, joint development of projects given your business needs;
  • Skilled transport support to major retailers (for example, ATB, METRO, Auchan, SILPO (FOZZI), EPICENTER, NEW LINE, STYLE D, RUSH, LVIV HOLOD, RUKAVICHKA) and retail chains;
  • Complex service of orders at shopping malls;
  •  Ability to carry out exclusively morning or evening delivery;
  • Qualified support of shipments with maintenance of temperature regime.
Raben truck

Advantages of cooperation with Raben Ukraine:

  • Regular delivery of goods from one pallet;
  • Own network of groupage trucks;
  • Return of the documents and pallets;
  • More than 600 vehicles and professional drivers;
  • Extensive warehouse infrastructure (x-dock);
  • Transportation in the temperature range from +2C to +6C.

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