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Raben Group as a partner of the Noble Gift

18 trucks filled with gifts, 50 unloading points and over 9,000 km driven as part of the Weekend of Miracles. This is the summary of the charitable support provided by Raben Group to the Noble Gift 2020 project (SZLACHETNA PACZKA). This year the logistics operator is a partner of the action.

The Parcel has been connecting people for many years now. This is particularly important in a year in which we keep social distance, have fewer opportunities to go out, and are more cautious in our interpersonal contacts. The Noble Parcel has adapted to this reality and even though for the sake of safety direct contacts have been limited, it still brings people closer together and reaches those most in need.

Social sensitivity is in the DNA of Raben Group. The company is aware that it does not operate in a separated social space. It follows the words of Milton Friedman who wrote that the company can exist only as long as the society feels it is necessary. In order to be a good neighbour and a responsible citizen, the Group undertakes numerous initiatives supporting local communities. This year, the company also decided to support the Noble Parcel.

In Raben Group we have a drive to help, so at this particular time we decided to share what we are able to do best - our know-how in logistics and organization of transport and our fleet for deliveries during the Noble Parcel Weekend of Miracles.” -says Jakub Krzewina, CSR Manager at Raben Group and he adds: “We are aware that the pandemic has further aggravated the problem of poverty and made the life situation of many people worse. As a logistics operator serving various industries, we are determined to eradicate poverty - supporting such initiatives is part of our strategy. We feel that we are an important link here and we hope to continue our cooperation in the future.”

This year's Weekend of Miracles took place on 12-13 December. As a project partner, Raben Group transported parcels for the people in need from central warehouses to local warehouses, from which volunteers of the Noble Parcel delivered them to the recipients. The action on Raben side involved 18 drivers and 15 people planning transports who reached 50 unloading points all over Poland and covered a total of 9,107 km.

“In these incredible moments, we are assisted by RABEN for the second year in a row and their trucks travel across Poland to help every family in need. From warehouses located in large cities (e.g., Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk), where there were more benefactors, they transported Noble Parcels in their trucks to the regions where this help is particularly needed.  Thanks to such transports, despite considerable distances, the Noble Packet unites people. Those who have open hearts and want to help with people who need this help a lot.  Thank you for being with us” - said Dominika Langer-Gnika, Director of Cooperation and Development. 

This year, the 20th edition of the Noble Parcel has been organized, with over 8 thousand volunteers and over 14 thousand families receiving help during the Weekend of Miracles.