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Raben Group takes over Busse Logistik in Germany

At the end of last month Raben Group signed a contract for the acquisition of Busse Logistik located in Kassel. The company employs over 140 people and offers services of domestic and international transport. The acquisition is a part of the long-term development plan for the Group on the German market. The acquisition will be finalized after the approval of antitrust authorities.

This has been the fourth takeover executed by Raben Group in Germany since the beginning of 2017. On January 1, 2017, Raben Trans European Germany took over operations of former Rhenus branches located in Fellbach and in Weilimdorf. On March 2017 Raben took over transport and logistics companies Exice GmbH and RLZ Baden GmbH, in Karlsruhe. On May 3, 2017, Raben Group signed a contract for acquisition of a depot of SCHMALZ + SCHÖN Logistik Gruppe in Kamen in w North Rhine-Westphalia. Now it is time for Busse Logistik in Kassel.

"Germany is one of the largest markets in Europe with 80 million consumers " - says Ewald Raben, CEO Raben Group - "We want Germany to become the most important market for us by 2018. By that time we will have developed our own, independent distribution network in the country with more than 30 locations. The acquisition of Busse Logistik fits that strategy perfectly."

Busse Logistik is a family business established in 1996. It employs over 140 people, including approx. 100 drivers. It also has its own fleet, thanks to which most of the connections are serviced independently. It focuses mainly on groupage and FTL transports as well as on contract logistics. Its annual turnover is EUR 15 million (2016)