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Raben Ukraine increased area for co-packing 5-fold

Raben Ukraine has increased the area under co-packing 5 times to 2100 square meters.

The growing competition of the market economy forces manufacturers to be active in direct support of sales, at the level of presentation of sold goods, product prices and their promotion. High seasonality and variability of promotional campaigns and the necessity of cooperation between many entities which organize them (manufacturer's sales and marketing, buyers of retail chains, providers of components, transport and warehousing services, etc.) make the co-packing services more and more focused on improving product efficiency and costs.

That is the reason why Raben Ukraine decided to increase the area for co-packing. Particularly, the area increased 5 times to 2100 square meters. At the same time, the number of functional workers reached 120 people.

The new co-packing area is equipped with shrink wrap machines of ergonomic design. There is also a conveyor belt, marking units, videocameras, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and modern lighting. In particular, LED lighting systems, systems of light control (motion detection and measurements of daylight intensity) are used.

The work is carried out in different zones. Each of them maintains an appropriate temperature regime, which allows to provide co-packaging services for both food and industrial companies.

All processes in the co-packaging area are in line with the existing strict sanitary standards.

“More and more companies are outsourcing the co-packing and stickering to the logistic service provider. And this is obvious, thus the manufacturer or distributor has the opportunity to focus on the core business issues, entrusting co-packing and stickering of large batches of products to the experienced professionals who are able to meet the needs of the most demanding buyers.

We plan further increase in co-packing and stickering volumes so we offer such services not only to customers using our complex of services, but also to companies that need co-packing only”, — comments Michal Kowal, Director of Contract Logistics Department at Raben Ukraine.

Among other things, in Raben Ukraine co-packing area as well as in all the warehouses the company takes care about environment.

“We are sorting the wastes — paper and tape — separately, and direct the proceeds to social programs”, — adds Michal Kowal.