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Raben Ukraine increases the controlled temperature zone in the warehouse near Kyiv by 70%

Raben Ukraine is expanding its controlled temperature storage area (+14 +18°C) from 7000 up to 12,000 sq. m.

The project has already started. Completion is scheduled for July 2021.

“The number of customers who need a controlled temperature storage service is increasing from year to year. Raben Ukraine is ready for the emerging market needs. This is one of our unique advantages, since there is a shortage of such areas on the market,” says Michal Kowal, Director of Contract Logistics Department at Raben Ukraine.

In addition to storing and handling goods, Raben Ukraine will offer the market a full range of services in this area: co-packing, labelling, stickering, applying a barcode to a production unit, thermal packaging, foiling, arranging promotional kits, gift sets, i.e. packaging of goods taking into account individual needs of a particular client.