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Raben Group launches a new website

Raben Group always meets the expectations of its customers and likes to be at the forefront of innovation, not only in logistics. In October, the company unveiled its new website, which includes, among others, quick verification to shipment status, easy access to the customer zone and “People with drive”, i.e. the Raben team who have been passionately performing their tasks for almost 90 years now.

Nowadays, when digitization has gathered pace and fast access to reliable data has never been more important, it is particularly essential to provide efficient and dynamic tools for your customers. With this in mind, and at the same time following the latest online trends, Raben Group launched a new website. 

The new website is our response to the changing online world, and we are always close to our customers.” – explains Katarzyna Bartkiewicz, digital marketing manager at Raben Group – “The heroes of the new website are our employees, i.e. ‘People with drive’, who create our website just as they are building Raben Group. With this visual, we want to show visitors: customers or potential employees that we are full of energy, commitment and, above all, that we form a well-knit team ready for new challenges.”

The fresh design of the website is adapted to the latest UX requirements. Simplified menu, which allows for quick access to the most important functionalities, simple forms for shipment pricing and interesting videos showing Raben Group are just some of the novelties awaiting visitors.

However, the modern and dynamic look is not everything. The users of the new website can also take advantage of easy access to the customer zone, advanced branch search engine, quick verification of shipment statuses and the possibility of displaying the page offline.

The new website also means easy use of all content on mobile devices, friendly scrolling and menus tailored to users who prefer to use their smartphones. In order to improve the quality of website use, Raben decided to take an innovative step and prepare a site based on TYPO3PWA. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) combine the best features of websites and mobile applications. Thanks to this, the new website is much faster and works even when the user does not have access to the network or uses a slow link.

The website was created in cooperation with a technology partner: Macopedia specializing in comprehensive implementation of advanced web and e-commerce solutions. The companies have been jointly developing Raben website for over 5 years, continuously adding new functionalities. In its latest version, Macopedia was responsible for preparing UX graphic design, implementation of the TYPO3 content management system and building the website based on TYPO3PWA.