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How correctly fill out transport document?

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transport document

Rulles for filling out of transport document

Obligatory rules for filling out of transport document are:

  • Seal and signature of the sender;
  • Completed field "Accompanying documents";
  • Sufficient number of transport documents (six copies);
  • Stapled package of documents in the file;
  • Full data of recipient (signature, full name, position), the actual phone number;
  • Transport document must have a horizontal writing orientation.

! In case of non-compliance with the rules of paperwork, the client is responsible for the risks associated with refusal to accept the goods, drawing up a statement, etc. The Executor is not responsible for errors in transport document.

In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, the CONSIGNOR must:

  • Fill out information on the weight or dimensions of cargo in transport document or other document specified by law for the cargo;
  • Indicate the full name of the consignor and consignee: full name, taxpayer code or tax number, taxpayer registration number or passport series and number, driver's license number, and other information specified by law;
  • Fill out vehicle (brand, model, type, registration number, trailer/semitrailer), its parameters indicating the length, width, height, total weight, including with cargo, and gross weight in transport document.
Special conditions in transport document

Additional conditions of services

Special conditions of transportation can be fulfilled by entering such in MyOrder order and in transport document field "transport instructions" («транспортні інструкції»): hydroboard, manual pallet jack, preliminary call to the recipient, early or evening delivery, etc.

Return of Documents (ROD) is performed only when the name and number of the documents to be returned in MyOrder and in the transport document field "accompanying documents on the cargo" («супровідні документи на вантаж»), in case of using Raben transport document it is generated automatically. The documents shall be returned to the Customer no later than 14 calendar days after receipt from the consignee.

Executive returns only the following documents, the abbreviation is used when registering the order:

  • вн (або рн) – consignment note; 
  • дов – power of attorney;
  • ТТНк – customer's transport document, for example, transport document for alcohol;
  • пал. н – pallet invoice.

Return of pallets (ROP) is carried out on condition that the consignee mentions in the corresponding column of transport document the quantity actually returned. Verification of pallets, declared for exchange, is made by the consignee, who evaluates the pallets himself.

Scheme e-transport document

е-Transport document

Transport document in electronic format (e-Transport document) is transport document in digital (electronic) format for all participants of the transportation process. This document is obligatory for execution and signing by all representative persons of е-Transport document responsible for conducting business operations on every stage of transportation – consignor, carrier and consignee, which is executed via EDI platform and registered in the electronic document management system e-Transport document.

Main advantages of e-Transport document: use of paperless document management, simplification and acceleration the process of documents exchange between the parties of freight transportation. When executing e-Transport document client (sender) prepares only one copy of transport document, according to the rules of use of EDS (electronic digital signature) and the rules of formation of e-Transport document, and must provide access (if necessary) to the Internet and technical equipment for the driver to draw up e-Transport document of the driver EDS.

Companies should choose an EDI provider to issue e-Transport document, restructure their business processes to meet its requirements, and have a qualified electronic signature for all participants of the transportation process: consignor, carrier, consignee or their representative. Personal digital signature must be in possession of the representatives of participants of e-Transport document, who are responsible for conducting business operations on each stage of transportation.

! Service of documents return does not apply to e-Transport document, because all participants of transportation (from the Customer to the consignee) automatically receive e-Transport document into their system after signing it by the consignee with EDS. Thus, e-Transport document has a return period of a few minutes from the date of confirmation of receipt of the goods, depending on the work of your Internet service provider and electronic document management settings.