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Social reponsibility

The road to responsibility!

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As a socially responsible organisation, we care about ethics all along the value chain, by building a culture based on integrity, transparency and mutual respect. Fair play is one of our approaches to business.

A universal principle that works well not only in sports. We believe that relations based on honesty help build a better tomorrow. We wish that every kilometre covered by our trucks brings us to a better future and social prosperity. This why, every year, we engage in a dialogue with our stakeholders, invest in increasingly more efficient and eco-friendly transport solutions, plant trees to neutralise CO2 and charitably carry thousands of pallets for Food Banks.

Raben truck

As a part of our CSR activities we focus on several areas:

  • concern for health and safety
  • partnership, dialogue, education and cooperation with stakeholders
  • ensuring attractive working conditions and retaining the best employees
  • compensating any negative environmental impact
  • promotion of the quality and role of transport and logistics services 

Driven by the well-being of future generations, we set ambitious goals for ourselves and pursue them relentlessly. We believe this will help us actively support the UN sustainable development goals, in particular: responsible production and consumption, economic growth and decent work, along with climate action. After all, responsible transport is necessary.


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Code of Ethics


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